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BAYERNOIL is a joint venture refinery from VARO Energy, RDG and Eni and operates the largest refinery in Bavaria with two sites in Neustadt/Donau and Vohburg/Donau. BAYERNOIL has experience in operation of hydrogen producing and consuming units, has launched several projects for on-site climate neutral hydrogen production to substitute fossil based hydrogen and is looking for additional base load import options as an off-taker.

BAYERNOIL, one of Bavaria’s most important energy companies, with a significant demand of hydrogen, strongly supports the South Corridor Project. Receiving a PCI status for an accelerate implementation is an essential element for the defossilisation strategy of the refinery and to meet the fit for 55 targets set by the EC. This project will unlock final investment decisions which are essential for the transformation of the refinery to become a supplier of renewable energy products in Bavaria.