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Company description RAG Austria AG:

RAG Austria AG as the fourth largest gas storage company in Europe is a pioneer in the development of hydrogen (H2) technologies, large-scale H2 storage and the integration of H2 into the existing gas infrastructure.

In addition to methanation projects (e.g. “Underground Sun Conversion” http://www.underground-sun-conversion.at), RAG Austria is advancing projects in water and methane electrolysis/pyrolysis and long-term underground storage (e.g. “Underground Sun Storage”) and is currently developing the world's first 100% H2 storage facility in an underground porous reservoir (www.uss-2030.at). Also, RAG Austria is both active in the field of research and implementation of CO2 cycles (e.g. C-CED project https://www.rag-austria.at/forschung-innovation/carbon-cycle-economy-demonstration.html) and carbon (C)-farming.  Furthermore, RAG Austria is driving the development of an international H2 value chain within the “H2EU+Store” consortium (https://www.h2euplusstore.com) and is currently working on the establishment of the first cross-border hydrogen consumption within the “H2 cross border” project (https://www.rag-austria.at/forschung-innovation/h2-cross-borders.html).

Why we support SoutH2? Large amounts of green hydrogen are urgently needed to transform the domestic industry in Austria and Bavaria/Germany towards climate neutrality and to strengthen the competitiveness of these regions. The SoutH2 project unlocks promising RE and H2 production sources in the sun-rich region of North Africa and manages to transport them particularly cost-efficiently by pipeline to the domestic target regions. SoutH2 thus makes a significant contribution to strengthening the security of supply in Austria and Bavaria and, with the development of the H2 pipeline and storage infrastructure in Austria, also lays the foundation for the implementation of the Eastern H2 Corridor (delayed due to the Ukraine war), e.g. via H2EU+Store.