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TUNUR LTD (www.tunur.tn) is a renewable energy, transmission and green hydrogen developer focused on Tunisia and the Mediterranean region, with a proven track record in country.
TuNur has a growing portfolio of projects under development capable of saving over 14m tonnes of CO2eq per year from 2035 and leads projects through the full project life cycle from origination, financing, construction, and into operation, in collaboration with technical and financial partners.
With a team of multi-disciplinary professionals with experience in Tunisian and International energy markets, TuNur combines superior knowledge of local environmental, social, and permitting conditions with an international approach to development and financing. TuNur has a unique expertise in the development of integrated cross border assets in the Mediterranean offering enormous potential for export of green electrons and molecules between Africa and Europe, forming the basis of TuNur’s strategy.

TuNur strongly backs the development of the SoutH2 Corridor as it facilitates the efficient transportation of large quantities of abundant green hydrogen from Tunisia to Europe, bolstering access for industrial consumers and propelling the growth of the green hydrogen market. Moreover, the establishment of the corridor will create a mutually advantageous framework that accelerates investment decisions across the value chain, benefiting Tunisia and North Africa by unlocking new economic opportunities and bolstering regional energy security, whilst simultaneously supporting Europe's decarbonization goals and promoting a sustainable energy transition.