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WACKER is a technological leader in the chemical industry and manufactures products for all key global industries. In particular, WACKER produces materials that are essential for the energy transformation, e.g. polysilicon, the raw material for photovoltaics. WACKER is strongly committed to sustainability and is striving to become climate neutral by 2045. To reach this target, the material use of green hydrogen will play an important role for both replacing grey hydrogen and utilizing unavoidable CO2 emissions as feedstock for renewable chemicals.

According to the geographical position in Southern Germany there is only limited potential to produce renewable energy and hydrogen respectively on-site. Hydrogen import is indispensable to defossilize a highly developed industrial site, maintaining competitive production of materials for energy transition and to keep thousands of jobs in the region. Being connected via the SouthH2corridor the supply of hydrogen can be secured thus enabling the competitive production of materials for the transformation towards net-zero.