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Gebrüder Weiss goes back a long way – more than half a millennium! That’s a legacy that entails obligations. We must be vigilant and demonstrate foresight, we must keep evolving and moving forward. Starting out from our original home markets along the Danube, the Alps and Eastern Europe, today we move freight of all kinds – by land, sea and air along every possible transport way – to and from every continent on the planet. Our company employs a workforce of 8,400 dedicated people who give their very best at 180 locations around the world. We develop tailored solutions for our customers that tightly integrate production, business, logistics and transport processes.

As moving goods is our core business, we are highly interested in being part of futures mobility. And here, we see hydrogen as a important technology, now and in the future. Long haul transport needs a technology which guarantees long distances, fast refueling and Co2-neutrality. And all of this could be provided with hydrogen.